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A rare job opportunity is going to knock on your door today. The idea may sound somewhat risky and novel to you, but if you act on it, you can give a new turn to your career. The time is right to take risks and go after what you really want to do with your life rather than sticking to the safe and narrow path.

To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Leo weekly and Leo monthly horoscope. To read Leo horoscope in Hindi, see Simha rashifal today. Related Links. Get your birth chart based on your birth date. Are you manglik? Check its presence in your birth chart. If you were born between these dates you have Leo as your sun sign, because that is the Zodiac sign where the sun was at your date of birth. But it differs a little from year to year, because of the leap years.

If your date of birth is the 23rd of July or the 22nd of August, you have to check if you really fall within the Leo dates or not. It never differs more than a day in each direction.

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The start of the Leo dates must be within the dates 22nd to 23rd of July, and the end of it between the 22nd or 23rd of August. People born on other dates need not be concerned.

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In astrology, your Leo Zodiac sign also called sun sign or star sign is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth. The time it takes is closer to Every fourth year we add a day to the calendar, the 29th of February, making that year days. So, was not a leap year, but was.

Leo Decan 3 ~ Aug 13 to 22 (20ΒΊ-30ΒΊ)

The leap years make the dates of each Zodiac sign change slightly. In reality it changes slightly in a four year period from one leap year to the next. If you were born on July 22nd or 23rd, your sun may be on the very cusp the starting point of the Leo dates, or right by the end of Cancer. If you were born on the 22nd or 23rd of August, your sun might be at the very end of the Leo dates or at the cusp of Virgo. You need to check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator or your exact horoscope, because on those dates it depends on what time of day you were born β€” and in what place.

Now, If you were born on July 22nd or 23rd at a time when your sun is at the very end of Cancer, you probably have a mixture of Cancer and Leo in your character.

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The strongest is not equal to the most typical, though. A Zodiac sign is its most typical at the part of it decan corresponding to its quality: cardinal, fixed or mutable. Each Zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements fire, earth, air, and water. So, four elements and three qualities make twelve possible combinations β€” the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Leo is the fixed fire sign. That corresponds approximately to the dates August If you were born on August But the most important thing to decide is what sign you are. The tarot card associated with this decan is the seven of wands. This is a card of giving it your all and of competitiveness. The keywords certainly fit well with Mars ruled Leo decan 3.

It suggests that you are going after what you want and are prepared to fight your way to the top. Your personality is strong and forthright and you are very confident in your approach. Your convictions are strong too and you believe passionately in what you are doing. Make sure to pace yourself. You do not want to burn out before you reach the finish line.

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To feel angry at injustices, or be subject to mistreatment by authority figures. An occasion of apparent ruthlessness. One who receives honours and awards, but who needs to be wary of vengefulness. A time of noble, or military endeavours.

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Power and authority, says it all really! Regulus officially entered Virgo in Of course, then these felines were born to rule, and they take to the stage like a duck to water. Physical prowess is part of their makeup and they tend to be famous as much for their animal magnetism as whatever their talents might be. Sex addiction is a danger for this placement if the native has no other outlet for their fertile creative expression. Some still persist despite a demanding job, see Clinton or Madonna.

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The Sun is at its most theatrical in Leo and desperately needs to create or procreate. Sun Leo 3 works especially well under pressure and their heroic side rises superbly to the occasion if they are suddenly thrown into a crisis. Here are the white knights and courageous queens who are always on amber alert. Sun Leo 3 needs to learn that it is not responsible for all the cubs or artistic project all of the time and needs to learn to delegate. Is this a sign of balance???

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How do you feel for me??? They are very warm and sweetheart in my point of view. Thank you, Marina! Ex is a 3rd decan Leo. I cheated on him.